What you need to know before driving in white-out conditions

White out conditions in Champion

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – With near white-out conditions on some roadways, many travelers faced a difficult drive on Wednesday.

In Mercer County, six semi trucks and three vehicles were involved in a chain reaction crash on Interstate 80 on Wednesday afternoon, throwing multiple cars off the roadway and into a ditch.

Truck drivers who stopped at Truck World in Hubbard said they had difficulties seeing throughout the day, and snow in Champion made it hard to see other cars on the road.

Ohio State Highway Patrol Sgt. Timothy Grimm said it is important to be cautious in such weather conditions.

“Give yourself some extra time going to and from your locations,” he said.

Grimm added that drivers should make sure their front lights and windshields are clear of snow, their gas tanks are at least half way filled and that they have emergency supplies before leaving.

If the driving conditions do not make you feel comfortable behind the wheel, Grimm said it’s OK to pull over.

“If you do, make sure you pull far enough off to the side of the road to where you’re not in the lane traffic,” he said. “If possible, go to the next exit and find a gas station or somewhere off the roadway.”

And, if you’re curious about driving conditions before heading out onto the roads, you can visit 511pa.com or ohgo.com for real-time traffic information, delays and accidents.

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