Letter: Warren water dept. worker peed in cup at work multiple times

Two Warren homes tested for high amounts of lead in water

WARREN, Ohio (WYTV) РA Warren city employee accused of peeing in a coffee cup while on the job got fired Friday.

Personnel records obtained from the city’s human resources department by WYTV News show that Public Service and Safety Director Enzo Cantalamessa found that Corey Cobb-Davis did urinate in someone’s cup, either his own or another person’s, and fired Cobb-Davis Friday.

Davis was an employee at the Water Filtration Plant when the incident happened January 28, and according to records, admitted to his supervisors that it wasn’t his first time.

In a letter to Davis, Cantalamessa wrote, “whether the cup was ‘your cup’ or a cup belonging to a co-worker, your conduct was unconscionable.”

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