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March 21st –  Slow and steady.  That would be my advice to those trying to lose weight.   Fad diets leave you wanting and cheating. You’ll lose some, and put it back on and more.  We’re nearing the finish line on our 8 week journey.  For all of you who have shared your stories..thank you!  It’s officially Spring and I am totally ready to shop for some warm-weather gear.  Since my last journal entry, I have lost another 5 pounds of FAT.  That is a total FAT loss of 20 pounds!  That is almost 4 of the Doc’s now-famous Fat Blobs!  I have gained 8 pounds of MUSCLE.  My goal was to drop body fat from 32% to 20%.  I’m at 22% and will get to 20% the next week or two.  That’s where Dr. Shayesteh said he’d like me to maintain for my age and body type.   I have so much more energy and endurance to play with my little girl too!  Dr. Shayesteh said that a 20 pound loss of fat is truly life-changing, and he wasn’t lying.   My body composition has done a complete 180° turn.  He said my body is now similar to a man 8 years younger than my current age!   I am so used to eating breakfast now.  I forgot to bring it this morning and I honestly don’t know how I used to go 16 hours without eating for all those years.  Stupid!   Special thanks to Josh Congemi from Creekside Fitness for pushing me for 5 more reps, 10 more seconds of planking, and keeping me focused on the prize.  I had a terrible shoulder stiffness and pain before February 1st, I was contemplating surgery.   Now I have great range of motion and shoulder surgery is officially off.  Watch this Wednesday for our final numbers as Katie Dugan and I go LIVE at Dr. Shayesteh’s office.   Sign up to start your life-changing transformation!  Do it just for the health of it.  CLICK HERE to WIN!

half of that lost


March 9th –  Got results back, and as of March 9th,  I have lost over 15 pounds of FAT.  I added  5 pounds of lean muscle, due to my fitness routine.  I can now do sit-ups without having to put my feet under the couch!  I always had trouble buying jeans.   Big thighs but short legs is not good for buying jeans!  My jeans are falling off of me now.  I can’t wait to go and buy a new pair this weekend.  This past week we had pizza and I craved it bad, so I had some.   I was bad.. I had three pieces!  I felt terrible the next day, but not a guilty feeling.  A lethargic feeling. I used to easily eat five or six pieces of pizza.   I think my body is rejecting over-eating of high carbohydrate foods.  I picked up with my routine the next day and felt better.  Haven’t had a soda in over a month, and don’t even crave it anymore.   Dr. Shayesteh has now reduced my daily calorie intake a little.  Reason why?  An SUV can hold more gasoline than a Chevy Cruze.  Now that I lost 10 pounds overall, I can’t eat like I did the first of February.  Check us out this Wednesday as we go to CREEKSIDE FITNESS and see some of the fat-burning exercises my trainer has me doing.  YOU can WIN a Creekside Fitness membership and consultation with Dr. Shayesteh.   Just CLICK HERE





March 2nd-  Really starting to get into a groove with my routine, half way through our Weight-Loss Challenge.  Almost 13 pounds of fat gone!  Almost 4 pounds of added muscle.  So an overall weight loss of 9 pounds.  And no pills or counting calories!  Just smart decisions and loading up on the good stuff.  Going easy on the bad stuff.   Hello to Susan Henderson from Alterations and Embroidery in Lisbon.  She offered to make alterations to my suits, and to Katie’s wardrobe as well!

I have another recipe for you.  I am not a big fish lover, but I make this tilapia wrap on the grill and it’s SO flavor packed!  I have some pictures too.  I get aluminum foil, shoot it with pam and put some chopped onions and peppers and garlic in the foil and wrap it tight and throw it on the grill.  On a foil lined cookie sheet, I grill up some tilapia in a little canola oil.  Drizzle some spicy salsa, wrap it up and enjoy!


talapia peppers and onions peppers onions and salsa ready to eat





February 23rd-  My tight jeans are now my comfortable jeans!  Just saw DR. SHAYESTEH and got my latest numbers.   Can’t wait to share the news with Josh, trainer at Creekside Fitness.  The work-outs are making a big impact.  Below are my latest stats.  In just three weeks I’ve LOST over 8 pounds of fat, and GAINED close to 3 pounds of muscle!  It’s getting easier to pass up on the sweets too.  I can feel this starting to become a lifestyle rather than a diet.   Tomorrow on DAYBREAK (Feb. 24th), Katie Dugan and I will be LIVE with Dr. Shayesteh to talk about what is next in this journey.  I’m curious to see if my weight loss/muscle gain will continue, or if I’ll hit a plateau.  Here’s a great recipe I whipped up last night.  I swear by the canned chicken, it’s just as convenient as tuna.   I added some canola oil in a pan with peppers, onions, and garlic.  Sautéed that while I boiled some spinach and 2 cups of wheat pasta.  Mixed it all together and added some salsa.  Covered and simmered for a few minutes and it was AWESOME!  Enjoy.. and sign up to WIN ! ! !


February 16th-  Early in the year I challenged Katie to go through an 8-week experiment.   My goal is to  lose body fat, gain lean muscle, & increase my energy.  The fun of competing helps with keeping us accountable.  We’re both competitive!   When I looked at my eating habits, I was shocked to see that I sometimes went 14 hours without eating a thing!  Then I’d eat a big meal and go to sleep.  This caused huge spikes in my sugar, and I woke up feeling terrible.  Thanks to DR. SHAYESTEH I learned EXACTLY what to eat, and when to eat it.  After just a few days I felt more energy when waking, and I had more endurance!

Now that I’m eating better and burning fat, I wanted to turn the fat to muscle.  That’s where Josh Congelio comes in.  He’s a personal trainer at Creekside Fitness in Boardman.   My first session I didn’t lift one weight.  I did an hour of resistance training using my own body weight.  I could barely walk the next day but it was a good sore!  A few days later it was time to see Dr. Shayesteh to track my  progress.  By eating MORE often, but LESS junk, I already saw positive results!  In just 10 days I lost almost 4 pounds.  Doesn’t sound impressive, but I gained muscle which offset the overall loss.  I lost, 3.2 pounds of FAT, and gained 1.4 pounds of muscle.   Again, for me, this is about FEELING better.   I have so much more energy.  The picture below  shows Dr. Shayestah holding a 6 pound replica of fat.  I lost half of that in just 10 days.   My % body fat is 30.9%.  My goal is to be under 20% by the end of this challenge.  My Next weigh in is Tuesday the 23rd, check back to see my progress.   You can do it too!  Here’s how you can WIN .. Click Here



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