Two dogs rescued after falling through ice of Canfield pond

Canfield dog rescue

CANFIELD, Ohio (WYTV) – Two Cocker Spaniels were shivering Monday afternoon, but their owner is counting her blessings after they fell through a private pond on her property.

The Canfield Fire Department was called out to make the rescue. Owner Peggy Brucoli said her dogs, Annie and Sandy, ran across the ice during their afternoon walk, falling through into the water.

“I thought I could go in and break the ice, but then the ice was still thick enough I couldn’t actually break it,” she said. “So that’s when I called the Canfield Fire Department and asked them to come help us out.”

The rescue attempt took about five minutes once the fire department arrived, and Brucoli said the dogs were in the water for about 15 to 20 minutes.

Canfield Fire Capt. Rob Tieche said firefight grab one of the dogs. The other swam toward firefighters in the boat and was pulled out of the water.

Tieche said it is not uncommon for these rescues to occur, especially in the winter months.

“That’s one of the reasons why we carry boats,” he said. “We also carry life jackets for our guys, rescue rope, and we also have inflatable emergency boats that we can use if it’s a human inside the water.”

Tieche cautioned people against going in the water to rescue their pets. He said the water is very cold, and hypothermia can set in very quickly. He said the cold water can take away even a strong swimmer’s strength.

“Don’t go in the water, especially for an animal,” he said. “As much as you love the animal, call 911.”

Brucoli called the incident a scary moment.

“It is kind of scary. You know, I was pacing around, and they were staying above water, but the fear was they weren’t going to stay above water before they got rescued,” she said.

Tieche said the dogs were doing remarkably well on Monday, despite being somewhat cold.

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