Howland residents express frustration with snow plow damage

Snow plow damage

HOWLAND, Ohio (WYTV) – With temperatures warming up in the Valley, the melting of the snow has unearthed some damage to front yards in Howland.

At least 20 homes on eight Howland roads — including Deer Creek Lane, Old Wagon Lane, Sleepy Hollow Drive and Shady Lane, among others — have harm to their yards due to snow plows. Those yards are missing chunks of dirt and grass. Even portions of the curb are missing throughout Howland.

Brian O’Dell said the damage to his yard is the worst that he has seen throughout the area. He said this does not happen every year, but the damage is frustrating as a homeowner.

“I really do take a lot of care in what my lawn looks like and to see it get destroyed like this is depressing,” he said.

Jeff Beadle’s plow mark stretches the entire length of his front year. He said he has to pick up stones by his mailbox after the plow drives by.

“It’s the worst, but it’s something that happens every year,” he said.

Township Administrator Darlene St. George said the township plans to repair the damage but doesn’t intend to do so until after winter. She said the township doesn’t want to replant due to the threat of snow still remaining.

St. George stressed that drivers don’t cause the damage on purpose.

“It’s not malice, and it’s not recklessness,” she said. “It’s just they are out there quickly trying to get the roads plowed and get them open.”

St. George said crews will be out in the spring, marking houses that need repairs. If you have damage, you can also call the township’s Public Works Department.

She recommended placing reflectors in the yard to indicate where the lawn begins.

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