Katie’s Weight Loss Wednesday Blog, 3/2

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Happy week 4 of Weight Loss Wednesday!!

This week has been a really exciting one for me, I’ve seen the scale move and I feel great! Here’s a look at my progress since we started a month ago:


Percent Body Fat: Has dropped 3.1%

Fat Body Weight: Has dropped 6.6 pounds

Lean Body Weight: Increased 3 pounds

Metabolic Rate: Has increased 42 calories a day


All of this means that what I am doing under the guidance of Dr. Shayesteh and Maureen from Creekside Fitness is WORKING! I can’t even tell you how excited this makes me. I’ve tried losing weight many different ways before and it just hasn’t worked for me. This all comes back to this being a lifestyle change. To some people, 6.6 pounds in a month might not sound like much, but to me this is HUGE. I have struggled to lose weight, and even following strict programs hasn’t shown these results. Plus, this way, I can actually live my life. I can go out to eat, I can have that glass of wine. I’m just more mindful of each thing I eat and do.

One big thing I changed this week, I hit the gym mostly every day. I have personal training at Creekside with Maureen twice a week, and the rest of the time I was just walking on a treadmill or outside for 45 minutes. Now, I’m actually lifting some weights after I walk for about an hour. On the days I don’t have Maureen guiding me, I just do some things that she taught me in a circuit. It’s not as great as having a trainer, but it’s better than nothing! Working out every day has just become part of what I do, it’s part of my routine. One benefit I’ve seen other than losing weight and feeling much better, is that I get more sleep. Now, when it’s time for me to fall asleep, I actually fall asleep rather than lying there restless for an hour.  For some workout tips, check out my live segments by clicking HERE!

I’m going to share a recipe (if you want to call it that), of something I made for dinner this past week. I was tired from working out, and I was hungry. I didn’t want to go get ready to go out to eat, and I didn’t feel like making some complicated recipe that would have me running to three different grocery stores for the ingredients. Instead, I looked around my kitchen and got creative. Like my facebook page and end your recipes! I’ll try and make some of the things you send me, and I’ll post pictures of my attempts. Enjoy!

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