Shooting in Warren, victim hit several times

Warren Police are investigating the circumstance surrounding shooting and have a suspect in mind

Blood remains on the front porch of a Burton Street SE home, where a shooting victim ran for help.
Blood remains on the front porch of a Burton Street SE home, where a shooting victim ran for help.

WARREN, Ohio (WYTV) – Ashley Miner never expected to find a man bleeding on her front porch, but at around 2:15 a.m. Wednesday, that is exactly what happened.

Miner placed a frantic call to 911 and tried to find out who the man was.

“Oh my God, there’s blood everywhere… I don’t know who this is,” Miner told a 911 dispatcher.

Miner said she heard the screen door slam open before finding him outside.

“I just thought maybe it was the wind, so I went to go and look out, and I see this gentleman just collapse on my front porch. He just collapsed, blood everywhere,” she said.

Police said the shooting victim, identified as 34-year-old Deltonio Dorsey, had knocked on at least two other doors asking for help, before making it to Miner’s porch on Burton Street SE.

Dorsey was rushed to St. Elizabeth Hospital in Youngstown after emergency crews arrived. He was last listed in stable condition at the hospital.

“When it did happen, let’s just say he reacted properly, ’cause he’s still alive, so he fled and got away in time to survive,” said Warren Police Capt. Robert Massucci.

Police are now investigating the circumstances leading to that shooting and have a suspect in mind.

That suspect’s name has not yet been released, but police said the suspect was friends with Dorsey and the two spent the night drinking together.

Investigators said, from the statements Dorsey made, the two had gotten into some sort of argument that led to the shooting, and he was blind-sided by what happened.

“Based on the way his night went, he was not expecting this to happen when it did, so he was taken off guard by the whole situation. He wasn’t even prepared for this to happen, so he didn’t really have a chance to defend himself at all,” Massucci said.

Detectives believe the shooting occurred on a nearby street.

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