YMCA fitness director retiring after 39 years

Maureen Horvath has worked at the Youngstown YMCA since 1977

YMCA fitness director retiring after 39 years

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Maureen Horvath started working for the Youngstown YMCA in 1977. Later on Friday, she’ll walk out of the Y for the last time as its fitness director.

She’s retiring. 33 News yesterday talked with her about her devotion to keeping people healthy.

Horvath feels right at home among the cardio machines at the Central YMCA in downtown Youngstown. She also feels at home in what she calls the dungeon: The series of rooms in the Y’s basement that make up the weight area. She should; in her 39 years at the Y, 33 as fitness director, Horvath has played a part in the purchase of every machine in the building: Every aerobics, spinning, and yoga class that’s offered.

“And I started volunteering, teaching a fitness class, which I knew nothing about at that time,” Horvath said.

That was 1977 — Maureen Horvath’s five kids were all in school. She volunteered for two years, then was hired.

“I started part time, $3.25 an hour,” Horvath said.

She went to college, and after getting her degree in exercise science, went full time as the YMCA’s fitness director. She was 43 years old.

“It’s never too late. I found my niche late and just followed it,” Horvath said.

Maureen is now 74. Just looking at her, you can see she’s fit. When it comes to advice, she’s big on lifting weights.

“If you didn’t have muscular strength, you’d be flat on the ground like a pancake. You have to lift, you have to do resistance training,” Horvath said.

Friday will be Maureen’s last day as fitness director at the Central YMCA. After 39 years, she’s retiring.

She won’t miss the meetings, or the computers. She never could grasp all the technology.

And though congratulations are in order, she will be back.

“I’m going to volunteer doing some things in the morning. I just can’t walk away from something that’s been so impactful in my life,” Horvath said.

Maureen Horvath, retiree: No longer on the Y’s payroll, but not gone for good.

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