Animal training classes prepare 4H kids for Canfield Fair

Mahoning County Junior Fair members learned how to properly care for their animals.

Animal training classes prepare 4H kids for Canfield Fair

BEAVER TWP, Ohio (WYTV) – Over 400 kids who will be taking market and dairy animals to the Canfield Fair learned how to take care of them on Saturday.

The animal training classes are part of a quality assurance program mandated by the state.

“They want to make sure that all children learn how to properly care for those animals because they are providing food for community use,” said Mahoning County Junior Fair Manager Kimberly Moff.

As part of Junior Fair, the kids raise and care for animals themselves. However, parents also attended the training, since they are ultimately responsible.

From handling to proper feeding, the 11 classes covered animals of all sizes.

“You have kids representing today, from a rabbit to poultry. You also have kids here taken all the way to a big cow,” Moff said.

Even though there were no animals at the classes, the kids learned through hands-on training in other ways.

“We had needles and shots,” said Junior Fair member Andy Prosser. “We practiced on oranges, we did subcutaneous shots and deeper shots.”

Fun games, like Jeopardy, also helped them remember the skills they learned. Moff says the most important factor coming out of training is that it goes back to help the community.

“They also teach the community about where their food comes from,” she said. “You might buy it at the grocery store, but it’s actually being raised on a farm somewhere.”

This year, the Canfield Fair starts on August 31st.

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