Niles Historical Society remembers 1924 KKK riots

Members of the Society talked to those at the McKinley Research Center about the riots that lasted 18 hours.

Niles Historical Society remembers 1924 KKK riots

NILES, Ohio (WYTV) – Members of the Niles Historical Society educated people on Saturday about Ku Klux Klan riots that made national news in 1924.

Twenty-five thousand KKK members came to Niles for a parade, but were met with strong resistance from 10,000 members of the Flaming Circle of Knights, an Anti-Klan group.

After 18 straight hours of riots, Ohio’s Governor called in the military and declared Marshall Law. This forced everyone to remain in their homes for ten days after the events on November 1st, 1924.

“A lot of the people that were in these events have since passed away,” said Ralph Tolbert of Niles Historical Society. “But the grandkids have stories that were passed down.”

Tolbert says that some have donated photos and artifacts to the Society. These items are important to keep such moments in history alive for generations to come.

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