Student Athlete: Morgan Atterholt

The West Middlesex senior is a four year starter on the basketball team, and carries a 3.85 GPA.

West Middlesex, PA (WYTV) – It’s been a long time coming for the West Middlesex girls basketball team, but all their hard work has paid off. The Big Reds just capped off their best Season in program history with 25 wins, and senior Morgan Atterholt is a BIG reason for that success. Plus, her leadership extends well beyond the basketball, and that’s why she’s our Student Athlete of the Week.

“Our team’s motto from the beginning is teamwork makes the dream work so we like to play team ball,” said Atterholt. “[We are] unselfish, and I think that’s how I am in everything, you gotta share the prize.”

Morgan is the ultimate team player. She’s a 4 year starter and the lone senior captain on this year’s historic basketball team. The Big Reds captured their first ever District 10 Championship, and advanced to the second round of the State Tournament for the first time.

“Senior year is always something people look back and just reminisce about,” she said. “But to have something concrete, to be able to look in the history books of West Middlesex, and see my team, my name, our record…it’s going to be something I remember for the rest of my life.”

Off the court, Morgan is just as driven. She carries a 3.85 GPA and is Vice President of National Honor Society.

“You wake up and you do what you have to do,” said Atterholt. “You go to school, you study but you go to practice and it’s just part of your day. You don’t complain about it because it’s what you’ve chosen to do.”

Morgan has always been ambitious, and she hopes to turn her dreams into reality by studying Astronomy and Astrophysics, and hopefully working for NASA one day.

“I’ve always looked up in the stars and just wondered what it’s like to take part in all of that and to understand it all. So working for NASA just means that I finally get to have that grasp on it . It’s always just the competitive nature, it’s just I want to work at NASA, so I’ll find whatever way I need to to get there.”

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