Youngstown ramp re-opened after truck overturns, spills oil

The semi crashed around 8:30 Friday in Youngstown

Youngstown ramp re-opened after truck overturns, spills oil

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – A normally busy ramp from I-680 to state Route 711 in Youngstown is open again Friday after a morning crash shut it down.

As an ambulance carried the driver off to the hospital for treatment, those living not far from this highway ramp knew something was wrong almost immediately.

Tom Buckley said he heard a loud bang and looked over the guard rail to see a truck on its side.

The semi truck, which was hauling a pair of rolled steel coils, tipped over on a bend in this ramp from I-680 south to the 711 connector around 8:30 a.m. Police and firefighters quickly closed the ramp to traffic so they could deal with a sizable fuel spill.

“We tried to get it all covered up, because we didn’t want the road to be slippery for the rest of the drivers,” said Youngstown Fire Capt. Barry Finley. “So, it took a whole lot of oil dry… My guys did a good job.”

Buckley is a truck driver himself and knows the problems others drivers can face in the area.

“Caught the shoulder of the road, where it’s a little soft… ’cause there’s no guardrail on that side. It went right over when you haul them coils, they’re pretty heavy, you know, they’ll go right on over,” Buckley said.

This curve has seen its share of serious accidents over the years involving semi trucks. Although the crash is still being investigated, police say many in the past have involved drivers trying to round the curve too fast.

Four years ago, a tractor trailer crashed in the area, spilling thousands of gallons of gasoline from the trailer, causing more than $1 million in damages and clean-up costs.

The driver’s name in Friday’s accident hasn’t been released, but firefighters said he wasn’t badly injured.

“He was still conscious and alert the entire time, talking to firefighters and paramedics when they got here,” said Youngstown Fire Capt. Barry Finley.

The driver was taken to St. Elizabeth Hospital for treatment. He is expected to be charged with failure to control.

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