Kravitz Deli popular for St. Patrick’s Day

The business the restaurant does on St. Patrick's Day equals its total from two weeks any other time of the year

LIBERTY TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WYTV) – Anyone wanting to channel their Irish spirit would have an easy time of it Thursday at Kravitz Deli.

Corned beef is the only thing on the St. Patrick’s Day menu, and they’re piling it high. Each sandwich contains over one pound of meat. Kravitz has learned that providing Irish music and even dancing helps create the Irish experience,  but piling that corned beef high for just one day equals the business’s total for two weeks any other time of the year

“We’ll go thru about 7,000 pounds of Corned Beef these few days around St. Patrick’s,” said Jack Kravitz.

Eating corned beef is a St. Patrick’s tradition, just like wearing green, or toasting a pint of your favorite Irish brew. And with each bite you can count on this blessing from Kravitz – “May you reach heaven an hour before the devil knows you’re dead.”

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