Leprechaun takes front spot on Struthers lawn

The name of the carving has special meaning for the family

Leprechaun takes front spot on Struthers lawn

STRUTHERS, Ohio (WYTV) – It was Kate Connolly’s Irish heritage that prompted her to take a tree stump in her yard and turn it into a tribute for St. Patrick’s Day.

Connolly said crews with Ohio Edison had to take down a tree on her lawn and rather than leave a stump behind, she decided to turn the wooden tower into a larger-than-life leprechaun.

Coming up with the prefect icon took some time, she says, trying to decide between a shamrock, a leprechaun or other Irish symbol. Connolly and her husband drew up some pictures and decide the leprechaun, now affectionately named “Mr. Kelly,” was it.

The Connolly’s hired a wood carver and the rest is history.

The Leprechaun is getting a lot of attention from people who drive by, and Connolly is thrilled that everyone likes it so much.

“We have people stopping all the time taking pictures and we welcome it. We like to share him with everybody,” Connolly said.

“Mr. Kelly” has another significance for the Connolly’s – it’s named after Kate’s grandmother.

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