Celebrating Easter Sunday in the Valley: Faith, family, food

From St. Columba Cathedral in Youngstown to Boardman Park, people in the Valley spent the holiday with family

Celebrating Easter Sunday in the Valley: Faith, family, food

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Across the Valley, people celebrated the Easter holiday in a variety of ways.

At St. Columba Cathedral in Youngstown, parishioners started their day with Easter Mass.

Chrissy Slanina and her daughter, Ami, begin every holiday at the church.

“I don’t know any other way, I’ve always been in this church since I was a baby,” Chrissy said.

Although faith is one of the main ways the Slanina’s celebrate Easter, Chrissy says spending time with family is also important.

“Spending time with my husband, my child and my mom. Families are the best. You have to spend time with families because you don’t know when they aren’t going to be here anymore.”

YSU students John Page and Mary Witnauer also attended Easter Mass, but said something was missing. They aren’t used to spending the holiday without their families.

“It’s like every holiday, you want to be with people you care about,” Witnauer said.

The students say having friends on campus really helps.

“It’s more fun with people you care about,” Page said. “You definitely feel like you’re home even when you’re away from home.”

Barbara Norvell spent the afternoon at Boardman Park with her children.

“We just saw it was a really nice day and wanted to enjoy the family together, and just bring them out and play some ball,” she said.

Norvell agrees that being together is the best way to spend any holiday.

“These are my kids and I just love them to death, and to be able to spend this amazing day with them, it’s fantastic.”

She loves teaching her kids about baseball, but she also shares the meaning of the holiday with them.

“Faith-based and everything, I try to instill that in my children,” she said. “Also that it’s a family day…unity and everyone be together.”

Even with all of the different Easter traditions, many in the Valley can agree on one thing: for dinner, ham and cheesy potatoes.

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