Customers line up for annual Easter sale at Giannios Candy

The chocolate plant in Struthers offers half price candy each Easter, attracting hundreds of customers

Customers line up for annual Easter sale at Giannios Candy

STRUTHERS, Ohio (WYTV) – Every Easter, Giannios Candy Company in Struthers treats the community with big sales on candy.

The line of hundreds of customers ran the entire length of the shopping plaza at 6:45 Sunday morning.

The Giannios brothers say distributing candy at half price has helped this holiday become their most profitable. They make candy fresh for the sale.

The family has been running the company for over 100 years, but says they stumbled into doing the sale on accident in 1978.

“Somebody called us on Sunday at home and said they were in a jam because they didn’t have any Easter candy for their kids,” John Giannios said. “We ran down to the plant real early and while we were there, people started lining up and coming in.”

For some people it’s about the great deals, but other families have made visiting Giannios on Easter a tradition.

Julie Toth of Austintown has been coming every Easter for ten years. She and her mother use it as an opportunity to do something nice for their friends.

“Stand in line outside and just gather up a bunch of goodies and find a bunch of friends on the way home, and drop them off on their doorstep,” she said. “The Easter Bunny hops around and leaves them treats.”

With the low prices, people filled boxes with goodies like chocolate covered pretzels and chocolate bunnies. The owners say peanut butter eggs and marshmallow chocolates are crowd favorites.

Eating Giannios’ giant, 20 pound chocolate bunny is quite a task, though.

“What people do is they use it as a centerpiece on their table, then they buy the wooden hammer and they let the kids beat on it,” Gus Giannios said.

Even surrounded by all this chocolate, the Giannios brothers say they never get sick of the taste.

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