Dogs taken from Columbiana Co. home

The Columbiana County Dog Pound, located in Lisbon, reported that the dogs were in poor condition

Dogs taken from Columbiana Co. home

LISBON, Ohio (WYTV) – Three St. Bernard dogs were taken from a rural Columbiana County home by the Columbiana County Dog Pound.

The dog pound was checking for the animals, since the owner was on a delinquent license list. Deputy Dog Warden Brenda Austin said she heard loud barking and found the animals in less-than-ideal conditions.

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The dogs weighed just 100 pounds, and they have serious medical problems like infections, eye and hip problems, according to Austin. She added that she found animal waste all over the cages, dirty water containers, and the dogs were all separated from one another in pens.

“I saw, of course, the one female’s eyes were crusty and just an overall picture of neglect,” she said.

That visit was Thursday. Austin went back Monday and picked up the animals after the owner voluntarily relinquished the dogs.

He was overwhelmed with his family and financial situation, Austin said. She said the owner signed an agreement in which he will likely be given two years of probation for the neglect of the animals.

“These girls were bought as puppies at four months of age and stuck in a kennel,” she said. “They get to see their owners and the children go by every day, but nobody spends time with them or very little. On occasion, they might get out of that pen.”

Two of the dogs are four, and the older male dog is six. He was the first one taken to the groomer  All three will go to the vet Wednesday for an examination.

Eventually, they will be placed with a rescue organization that has experience re-homing large breed dogs.

“We are just excited about their prospects for a good family and a good home,” Austin said.

The name of the owner and the location of the home have not been released.

Those interested in helping offset the medical bills for these dogs can send funds via PayPal to or mail them to the Columbiana County Dog Pound, 8455 County Home Rd., Lisbon, OH 44432.

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