Pirates fans in high spirits on chilly Opening Day

The Pittsburgh Pirates played the St. Louis Cardinals at PNC Park with a crowd of 39,500

Pirates fans in high spirits on chilly Opening Day

PITTSBURGH, Pa. (WYTV) – Sunday was the Pittsburgh Pirates’ home opener, complete with snow and a high of just 42 degrees. Buccos fans are used to poor weather on Opening Day though, and it didn’t stop them from celebrating.

“Yes, we would have been here rain or shine. We’re here every year having a good time enjoying the Pittsburgh Pirates,” said Dave Smith of Franklin.

“You know we’re with a bunch of friends tailgating, so yeah, we were coming no matter what the weather was like,” said Todd Jordan of Hermitage.

“Last year was sunny and 70 something degrees,” said Brad Jordan of Brookfield. “This year, it’s steeler weather, but we’re here for a Pirates game.”

The game against the St. Louis Cardinals formally opened the season at Pittsburgh’s PNC Park, putting together the teams with the two highest win totals last season.

Fans talked about their expectations for the season over burgers, wings, beer and even a few heaters. Even with no snow on the ground, several people brought precautionary items like grills, hot chocolate and other hot drinks in order to stay warm.

“I got about four or five layers on today,” Smith said. “We’re cooking on the grill tonight, we got all warm eating some sausages and all that good stuff.”

Brad says it’s all about preparation.

“I looked out on my porch, and there was an inch of snow so I was like, ‘Holy smokes!'”

At the end of the day, everyone was prepared and excited to see the Pirates’ big 4-1 win over the Cardinals.

“Been in the playoffs three years in a row, and we’re hoping for number four this year. We got to win the division,” Todd said.

“Clint Hurdle will have everything ready to go this year and Neil Huntington will have everything taken care of, and the Pittsburgh Pirates will be competing again,” Smith said.

There was a crowd of 39,500 at Sunday’s game, a standing-room only sellout.

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