Structure of homes in East Liverpool worsens over weekend

There is a noticeable change in the houses on Lisbon Street that are slowly sliding down a hillside due to earth movement

Structure of homes in East Liverpool worsens over weekend

EAST LIVERPOOL, Ohio (WYTV) – East Liverpool Safety Services Director Brian Allen says there will be more drilling on Lisbon Street this week to determine the cause of earth movement that is making three houses slide down a hillside.

Officials started drilling into the hill on Thursday to figure out exactly what’s causing it to shift.

Photos: East Liverpool Fissure

Over the weekend, the houses on that street are showing more cracks. Columns that were once straight are now crooked, and parts of the road look like a sinkhole.

Allen says it’s only a matter of time before they collapse entirely.

East Liverpool condemned the homes, forcing the families living in them to evacuate. The American Red Cross helped them relocate temporarily.

Jamie Cox, a neighbor who lives further up the hill feels for them.

“It’s sad. My heart goes out to the family members. It really is, and it’s a scary thought. I can’t imagine what they were going through.”

The city is looking to get emergency funds from the Ohio Department of Transportation to help fix the fissure in the road.

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