Washington, D.C. students visit America Makes in Youngstown

America Makes panel discussion

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – The latest developments in 3D printing were discussed at America Makes in Youngstown on Tuesday.

America Makes is one of the nation’s leading collaborative partners in additive manufacturing and 3D printing research and design.

Additive manufacturing is a process consisting of successive layers of material being placed together and shaped under computer control.

Rob Gorham, director of operations at America Makes, moderated a panel discussion Tuesday for a delegation of students from the National Defense University in Washington, D.C. The presentation was designed to help National Defense University students understand how essential additive manufacturing is to national security.

Youngstown Business Incubator Chief Operations Officer Barb Ewing, Youngstown State University’s Provost Dr. Martin Abraham and M7 Technologies President Michael Garvey were on a discussion panel as part of Tuesday’s event.

Dr. Abraham said Youngstown is not as large as Boston or San Francisco, but the region does have equal success in 3D printing.

“We can do more things than some of those communities can achieve, because we are all integrated and working together,” he said.

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