Weeks after election, provisional ballots being counted

Provisional ballots are being counted Tuesday in Youngstown

Weeks after election, provisional ballots being counted

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – The Ohio primary election was held a couple weeks ago, but we won’t know final numbers for those different races in Mahoning County until later today.

Under Ohio law, all the so-called provisional ballots that are cast either as absentees or as votes on Election Day itself cannot be counted for at least ten days after the polls close. Tuesday morning, members of the local Board of Elections started the process of counting those provisional ballots as well.

Nearly 1100 of those provisional ballots were received during the primary. Tuesday morning, the Board approved 877 of them and invalidated 220 others.

Afterward, elections workers got busy opening the ballots and getting them ready to be added to those cast earlier.

“The staff is gonna take the next couple of hours opening those provisional ballots, scan them and then the totals will then be added to the election night totals, and that will allow us to arrive at an official final number later this afternoon,” Mark Munroe with the Mahoning County Board of Elections said.

Tuesday’s count could affect the Mahoning County Sheriff’s race.

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