Government officials mull options on falling East Liverpool houses

Underground slippage has damaged a road in East Liverpool and caused big headaches for several families

Government officials mull options on falling East Liverpool houses

EAST LIVERPOOL, Ohio (WYTV) – Three homes in danger of sliding down a hill in East Liverpool are still standing. But now a number of local leaders are working to find funding to get the homes demolished.

“It’s amazing to me that they’re still standing, because I was looking at the back of a couple of those homes, and they’re ready to blow out,” Ohio Representative Tim Ginter said.

Thursday, Ginter visited the site of the East Liverpool homes for the first time. He said he was taken back by the level of destruction.

“This is probably disconcerting to many individuals who happen to live on streets that are somewhat similar to this street in East Liverpool,” Ginter said.

Representative Ginter came into town to work with Mayor Stovall Thursday to figure out different funding options for the project.

“We’re going to track with the mayor those streams that he is applying for and those grants they are applying for to follow that,” Ginter said.

Those grants include an emergency fund from the Ohio Department of Transportation. The city is waiting for soil samples to find out what has been causing this issue.

Representative Ginter said he will do what he can on the state level to get additional funding. Last week, Columbiana County Commissioners also stepped in to help.

“We have a couple of programs that might be applicable to giving them some help, one being our land bank,” Commissioner Mike Halleck said.

Two of the homes were already among a group of East Liverpool houses acquired for demolition by the land bank. They were pulled from that list and will be demolished as soon as possible. Commissioner Halleck said it should be expedited for safety, and the road can get cleaned up.

“We need to do that in order to see what types of repairs we need to do to the road,” Halleck said.

The County has several contractors visiting the area this week to determine how much funding is needed for the demolitions.

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