Trumbull Co. Commissioners announce new euthanasia policy at pound

Brownie the dog: failed euthanasia

WARREN, Ohio (WYTV) – Trumbull County Commissioners have adopted a new policy dealing with putting dogs down at the county pound.

This comes after a group of animal advocates went to their meeting on Wednesday asking for change after a dog at the pound was improperly injected with a euthanasia drug. The dog named Brownie survived, because the drug was injected into a muscle, rather than a vein, due to an employee’s accident.

Brownie was taken to the veterinarian and later to the Shenango Valley Animal Shelter.

The new policy says kennel employees will only euthanize in extenuating circumstances, like an emergency. In all other cases, the procedure must be performed by a licensed veterinarian or veterinarian technician.

Commissioners said the new policy is to protect the best interest of the dog and the employees who care for them.

A statement from the Trumbull County Commissioners’ Office emphasized that the kennel’s adoption rate is nearing 97 percent and all efforts are made to see that every dog finds a home. Innovative programs, such as the recent the “half-off Saturday” adoption program have been implemented to further encourage adoption.

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