Youngstown councilwoman discusses plans for new projects

Some of the topics at the Coffee and Conversation meeting were road resurfacing projects and the old Bottom Dollar Food properties

Youngstown councilwoman discusses plans for new projects

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Councilwoman Anita Davis held her monthly Coffee and Conversation meeting Saturday morning to discuss new projects in the 6th Ward of Youngstown.

Among plans discussed were ideas for the old Bottom Dollar Food properties. The three stores closed over a year ago when Aldi purchased the chain.

Those at the meeting talked about ways to use the spaces that would be best for the neighborhood. Davis said they’ve had three interests in the properties from a health clinic, storage facility and church.

“They were most interested in the one down on Glenwood Avenue and like I said, the people here were very receptive to the idea of the health clinic, so I’ll definitely take that information back to the mayor.”

In March, the city had two bids on the building; one from the Valley Christian Church and the other from the Big Dipper Food Company.

Davis said there are also several roads that need to be resurfaced.

She said the city is allotting $1.2 million toward resurfacing the streets. Each ward will get an equal share which will allow them to pave about 10 streets each.

“There’s streets in the city that haven’t been paved in 40 or 50 years. Chicago Avenue or St. Louis Avenue is one of them. I think the last time it was paved was about 42 years ago. That’s very common in this city because we have so many streets.”

She said the city assesses the roads in need, then ranks them from the most in need of resurfacing to the least. The major road resurfacing projects are scheduled to begin in May.

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