Boardman PD: Man with suspended Ohio CCW had valid Arizona permit

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BOARDMAN, Ohio (WYTV) – Boardman Police are asking how a man was able to have a valid concealed carry weapons (CCW) permit from Arizona and a suspended Ohio CCW at the same time.

Police pulled the man over for a traffic stop on Saturday. The driver told police right away that he had a gun on him and a CCW permit from Arizona.

County sheriff’s offices issue the permits in Ohio. The driver in this case, who hasn’t been charged, acquired a CCW from the Trumbull County Sheriff’s Office, according to a Boardman Police report.

“When we issue a license, we check five different databases,” Trumbull County Sheriff Tom Altiere said.

Altiere is an advocate for combining the five databases into just one that is dedicated to CCW permits.

“Don’t see a reason why that can’t be done. It would make it much more simplistic,” he said.

Police checked with the Sheriff’s Office and found that the man’s CCW was suspended in 2013 for resisting arrest in Mahoning County.

Altiere says if a CCW is revoked, the courts usually take it. If it doesn’t, his office gets a letter saying it is revoked and they contact the individual to bring in the license.

“They’ll send us a document saying that he was arrested for this, and we will contact them and let them know that their license is suspended and to bring it in.”

According to the police report, the driver wasn’t aware that his Ohio CCW was suspended. Police checked with Arizona, and found out the other CCW was valid there.

They are working with Arizona’s Department of Public Safety to see if the suspended Ohio CCW came up in their check, or if the Arizona permit was issued before the Ohio suspension.

In Arizona, the Department of Public Safety issues concealed weapons permits.

The department says if information isn’t updated on a state level, Arizona can’t see it. It checks applicants’ finger prints and FBI information, as well as state and local checks before issuing permits. If a CCW is suspended in another state and Arizona sees that information, it will deny the CCW permit in Arizona.

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