Champion Twp. trustee says Bigfoot statue not permitted

The township sexton says the statue was ultimately removed from Champion Township Cemetery because there was no footer to accompany it

Family meets Champion administrators to go over Bigfoot statue

CHAMPION, Ohio (WYTV) – The four-foot statue of Bigfoot will not be returning to Champion Township Cemetery.

Township Trustee Rex Fee said that the statue, as is, will not be permitted at 23-year-old Trevor Zuniga’s gravesite.

Fee says the Zuniga family has been asked to submit a paper rendering of a headstone where they can incorporate some sort of tribute to Bigfoot, as long as it is integrated with the headstone and doesn’t stand alone.

A family who has a grave near Trevor’s complained about the statue’s backside facing the gravesite of their loved one.

Township Sexton Chris Connelly said the statue was ultimately removed because there was no footer to accompany it.

Trevor’s uncle bought the statue because his nephew was fond of the Bigfoot myth.

The trustees will have to review the Zuniga’s proposal before it is approved.

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