Police find dog giving birth along road in Hermitage

Police believe someone dumped the dog, who was in labor, along the side of Emmet Street in Hermitage.

HERMITAGE, Pa. (WYTV) – Police are looking for the person responsible for dumping a dog along the side of a road in Hermitage Wednesday morning.

Mercer County Humane officers received a call around 6:50 a.m. about a dog that was in labor on the side of Emmet Street.

“There’s only a few houses on that road and nobody was familiar with the dog,” said Humane Officer Renee Dorogy.

She says the dog was found giving birth on a t-shirt near a beer can. Unfortunately, not all of the puppies survived.

“By the time I had got there, she had already had the mother dog, and there were five puppies that were alive and four deceased,” Dorogy said.

They believe the four puppies died from hypothermia.

Police think someone dumped the dog on the side of the road because she had a collar on, though no identification tag was attached.

“At first she was growling at everybody, you know, scared and protective,” Dorogy said. “They were able to get her some food and everything by hand, and she didn’t bite anybody, and she appeared to have calmed way down.”

The four deceased puppies were taken to Hillcrest Flynn’s Pet Funeral Home and Crematory. The mother and the five live puppies were taken to Penn-Ohio Veterinary Services for treatment.

“She’s very thin. She looks like she probably has some parasites and stuff. We haven’t finished all of our testing yet,” said Veterinarian Nicole Pearsell.

The staff at Penn-Ohio Veterinary Services believes the dog is a pocket pit bull.

Pearsell says the dog’s condition makes her think she has been neglected for a while.

“If she was at somebody’s house, they definitely were not feeding her properly for a mother that was about to give birth,” she said.

Pearsell and her staff said, despite the dog’s traumatic experience Wednesday morning, she has remained calm and is very sweet.

“The Humane Society is working on finding a foster home for the mom with the puppies, and then basically they’ll keep them until the puppies get a little bit older and then most likely they will put them up for adoption,” she said.

Hermitage Police are offering a $500 reward for any information on the dog.

The Mercer County Humane Society is also accepting donation for the care of the dogs. Money collected will be used to offset veterinary costs.

For more information, call 724-981-5445.

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