Severe weather protocol keeps animals safe at farm in Salem

Employees at Forever Safe Farm in Salem are responsible for more than 100 animals every day, and weather is always a top priority.

SALEM, Ohio (WYTV) – Just a few weeks into spring, the changing seasons bring the threat of bad weather. This can create challenges for animal caregivers.

Employees at Forever Safe Farm in Salem are responsible for more than 100 animals every day, and weather is always a top priority.

“We just take each curveball as it comes and do our best to prepare,” said Director Karrin Campf.

Those curveballs can come in many forms. Muddy messes and cold weather are just a few of the obstacles the farm faces.

“Sometimes the mud gets pretty thick,” said Caregiver Lesley Kerr. “Most of our animals are rescues. Some have some issues, and they do tend to need a little more help than others.”

As the warmer months arrive, storms are monitored very closely.

“In cases of severe weather, of course, there’s all of our phones on us and we can watch the weather coming in. Typically, we’re really looking out in the summer and spring for lightning,” Kerr said.

Whether it’s lightning or high winds, Campf says they follow protocol very closely.

“Depending on the weather, we have indoor facilities for every animal on the property. Some of them choose not to be inside but when there’s really bad weather, we make sure they are in.”

“We’ll make sure all the animals are inside if the inclement weather is coming,” Kerr said. “If it happens to hit us, we’ll run out there, have all the animals come in and we’ll lock up the barn tight. The animals already outside will keep shelter.”

Employees say having that plan of action is crucial to keep the animals safe.


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