App allows students to take part of driver’s ed on smartphones

Youngstown-area beginning drivers can take the class on the app starting April 14

youngstown ohio driving school app

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Beginning drivers can now take the written part of drivers education class on their cell phones.

The behind-the-wheel part of driver’s education is usually fun, but some students dread going to driving classes. A smartphone app called Aceable aims to solve that problem by teaching the theory half of the class in a more creative way. The app costs $100, but that includes certification of the written part of drivers education once you complete the lesson.

“We really believe if it’s entertaining, that’s how you get engagement verse just eyes glossing over and someone flipping through and not learning the material,” All Star Driving Owner Greg Anderson said.

And parents can monitor their students’ progress by logging on to their lessons.

“They can see the questions that their student is getting wrong, because we do believe that we can have great technology, but there still needs to enable offline conversation and teaching moments between a parent and a child,” Anderson said.

Although Anderson’s school offers online courses, he says online classes are a for a specific student.

“If it’s because of your schedule, and you’re using the online course because your schedule is so impossible to get anything mixed in there, then I understand that,” Anderson said.

But Anderson said online classes aren’t the easy way out, they’re actually a little more confusing.

“Our classroom setting goes hand and hand with our driving, so when we are teaching something in the classroom, it is reinforced in the car,” Anderson said.

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