Poland woman charged with hitting husband with car

In Poland, three people gave different accounts as to what happened in a domestic violence and felonious assault case

Amber Tanner arrested for domestic violence and felonious assault, Poland, Ohio

POLAND, Ohio (WYTV) – On Wednesday, Boardman Police arrested Amber Marie Tanner of Poland for felonious assault and domestic violence, charging her with hitting her husband with a car.

The victim stated that his wife, who he is currently separated from, came to his residence on Irma Avenue to pick up their son.

According to the victim, he and Amber had been arguing all day because she was “acting crazy.” He then informed Amber that he no longer wanted her to take their son due to her temper, and he attempted to remove him from the rear of Amber’s Chevrolet Impala. Amber allegedly refused to allow Nicholas to remove their son from the backseat as her vehicle was in the roadway in front of the residence.

She then put her car in reverse, drove what the victim estimated to be 15-20 feet away from him and accelerated Southbound toward him going approximately 10 miles per hour, attempting to strike him, according to the victim.

The victim reported that he attempted to move out of the way of the vehicle by jumping to the side, but the right front bumper clipped his right hip, right thigh and right hand. He stated that there was “no way she didn’t see where I was standing.”

According to the police report, the victim’s mother, a witness to the incident, stated that she was outside during the altercation and that Nicholas and Amber started arguing and screaming at each other, while Amber was attempting to make Nicholas angry. She reported that as Nicholas was standing in front of Amber’s car on the roadway he yelled to Amber, “What are you going to do, run me over?” and she went in reverse, then accelerated toward Nicholas striking him on the right side of his body.

According to the police report, Amber stated that she and Nicholas were arguing over their son when Nicholas began striking her vehicle by punching and kicking it as she was attempting to leave the residence. Amber stated that she attempted to back into a driveway in order to get away from Nicholas, but as she was in reverse she struck him with her vehicle because he was standing in her blind spot. She also stated that it was her right rear passenger side that struck him, not her right front bumper.

Amber was then taken to the Boardman Police Department where she was ultimately charged with felonious assault and domestic violence and scheduled for an initial appearance in Boardman Court on Thursday.

Amber was then taken to the Mahoning County Jail after she was unable to post the $14,500.00 bond.

WYTV attempted to contact Amber but received no response.

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