Teens involved in Alabama chase won’t be back in Youngstown soon

McKinney has an active bench out of Youngstown on a charge of receiving stolen property

Chase Alexander McKinney and Cassidy Francis are wanted for attempted murder, reckless endangerment, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and attempting to elude and resisting arrest.

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – The two Youngstown teenagers arrested in Alabama this week are scheduled to appear in court early next month, but Mahoning County Prosecutor Dawn Cantalamessa doesn’t expect either of them to be brought back to Youngstown any time soon.

Chase McKinney, 19, and Cassidy Francis, 17, were caught Wednesday near Fayette, Alabama, following a police chase where an officer fired a gun at the couple, striking McKinney. He sustained non-life threatening injuries.

Police say Francis was driving the car and attempted to run down officers when the shots were fired.

McKinney has an active bench warrant out of Youngstown, but Cantalmessa said they are not pushing to get him back here because both suspects are facing attempted murder charges in Alabama.

“We only have him for a bench warrant for a felony of the fifth degree over receiving stolen property out of Judge Sweeney’s court,” Cantalmessa said.

McKinney was convicted in September and given probation, but he violated the terms and was sent to Community Corrections (CCA) in Youngstown. The bench warrant was issued when McKinney and Francis left town earlier this week.

Court documents show a protective order against McKinney was filed but was later denied. Francis’ mother, Kelly Kaden, said she filed for the order in February, claiming McKinney had been stalking her daughter. A hearing was held in March where the magistrate denied the order.

“They just have to have credible testimony, or if they have some kind of documentation. Now with Facebook and everything sometimes we do have physical evidence that someone’s been threatened,” Cantalamessa said.

Cantalamessa said a protection order can only do so much if someone is looking to run away with another person.

McKinney and Francis are scheduled to appear in court May 4.

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