Ohio’s Golden Week voting policy eliminated for 2016

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – The Golden Week voting policy in Ohio was eliminated for 2016.

The policy extended time for voter registration and gave people six days when they could register and vote at the same time.

Carrie Davis with the League of Women Voters of Ohio said Ohio voter turnout has been on the decline.

Davis said 1.3 million Ohioans who are registered to vote have not cast a ballot since November 2012. She recommends all eligible voters learn which voting rules are in place and double check their registration.

“Last year, the secretary of state was doing voter-roll maintenance. There were a whole lot of voters who were removed from the rolls. That issue is currently being challenged, but, regardless of how that court case eventually gets resolved, we know there are a whole lot of people who were registered who aren’t anymore,” Davis said.

Nationally, most voting policy changes involve voter identification, but Davis points out that Ohio’s policy on ID at the polls has been the same for a decade.

Ohio early voting for the presidential election begins October 12.

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