Music festival brings YSU students to downtown Youngstown

The giant stage awaits the big musical acts booked by YSU Penguin Productions, including Reel Big Fish

YSU Penguin Productions held its second annual Federal Frenzy in downtown Youngstown.

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – YSU’s Penguin Productions held their second annual Federal Frenzy music festival in downtown Youngstown on Saturday.

Penguin Productions is made up of students who organize concerts and other events.

Lead Event Coordinator Mollie Crowe says this is a great way for students to engage with the community and city around them.

“The city is our campus, and I think that it’s really important to incorporate Youngstown and the community because everybody that goes to YSU has some tie to Youngstown.”

Students coordinated most of the event but this year, local businesses wanted to help as well.

“We have a thriving downtown that right now as far as the entertainment-wise is geared toward that young collective crowd,” said Mike McGiffin, Director of Events for the City of Youngstown.

McGiffin says getting YSU’s 14,000 students downtown for the event is not just about the fun. It’s actually a clever way to show them possible careers in Youngstown.

“We have a lot of businesses, we have incubators, we’re ready to roll for the career side,” McGiffin said. “Our concept is we bring them down here and we show them a good time, and then show them the possible career opportunities.”

Earlier in the day, the bars and restaurants had student musicians and local bands playing. Live art demonstrations, the YSU Hockey Team and a couple of food trucks also lined the street for entertainment.

The giant stage awaits the big musical acts booked by Penguin Productions, including Reel Big Fish.

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