A splash of color: Sharpsville man creates art with flower display

Joe Ranelli started his flower display more than five years ago, and is still inspiring people to this day

A flower display is flourishing in Sharpsville, taking over the front lawn of Joe Ranelli's house on Ridge Avenue.


SHARPSVILLE, Pennsylvania (WYTV) – Flowers are flourishing, proving spring has sprung in Sharpsville. But, a certain splash of color has taken over a house on Ridge Avenue and is the work of Joe Ranelli.

“I never anticipated it would be the way it is now, and I thought in my mind the vision was a little great, but not to this extent. It’s like an artist’s canvas, it’s like it’s never complete, you just keep making another stroke on the canvas,” Ranelli said.

He started his flower display over five years ago and said the work is therapeutic for him.

“I love the fact that people appreciate it. It’s very humbling that something as natural as a flower can really speak to people. They stop, they photograph, they need to know, it’s just as simple as it is. It has a very profound impact,” he said.

The color only lasts for a couple of weeks, and he expects it to start fading next week.

“As long as I can move, get up and down, i’ll get the paintbrush out and do it,” Ranelli said.

Ranelli’s home is also famous for its annual Christmas display.


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