Student Athlete: Josh Pickett

The East Palestine senior is a speedy three-sport athlete for the Bulldogs, and carries a 3.8 GPA.

East Palestine, OH (WYTV) –¬†East Palestine’s Josh Pickett has always been fast. Sometimes, he doesn’t realize how quick he really is, until he’s that far ahead of the competition. Whether it’s football, basketball, or track, Josh certainly sets the bar high with the Bulldogs, and his grades are the same story…making him an easy choice for our Student Athlete of the Week.

“I got a nickname during the football season. We were watching film and [our receivers coach] referred to me as a blur,” said Pickett. “He said, you’re going to be blocking for him and blocking for him and you’re just gonna see a blur go by and he said that’s gonna be Pickett running down the sideline.”

Josh has a need for speed. This past football season, he led the Bulldogs with 22 touchdowns and over 1,300 yards rushing…helping EP reach the playoffs for the first time in 6 years.

“From coming freshman year, 2-8, 0-10, then 3-7, and we ended up going 7-4 and getting the playoffs so it was really a big change.”

When he’s not on the football field, Josh is doing work on the track. He’s one of the top sprinters in the area, and even set a new PR on this 100 meter run this week with a blistering time of 10.9 seconds.

“Ya, you get used to it and you don’t think about it really,” he said. “Then once you see it you think, wow, I’m a lot faster than it feels.”

Athletics have always come easy for Josh, and so does school. He carries a 3.8 GPA, and wants to pursue a career in Air Traffic Control.

“It would be definitely be the hard work because you gotta find a way to balance practicing and being superior in your athletics. But you still got to be able to manage your all your school work and get good grades in the classroom, because that’s what it all really comes down to.”

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