Ohio bill would override local pet store regulation

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WYTV) – Where do the pets we buy come from?

Back in March, city council in Grove City, Ohio just outside Columbus voted four to one that pet stores in the area could only purchase animals from rescue groups, humane societies or shelters. All in an effort, they say, to contend with high-volume breeders, sometimes called puppy mills.

But Pet Land, the only store that sells cats and dogs in the area, sued the city to try to block it.

This week, an Ohio Senate committee put an amendment into a House bill 166 state tax bill that would override the Grove City regulation. The amendment says regulating these pet stores is a matter of state interest and should require state regulation.

State Senator Joe Schiavoni says this kind of attachment is not unusual.

“The law says that the amendment has to be connected to the bill, so there’s a very loose interpretation of that connection. They should be about the same subject, but often times that definition is stretched considerably,” Schiavoni said.

Local animal rights activist Jason Cooke says that he and others will be giving testimonies, hoping they can get the amendment removed.

“Municipal corporations can govern their communities as they see fit, and this is going against that,” Cooke said.

He also said the quick addition of this amendment into the bill hasn’t given them enough time to properly understand all of the new legislation.

“It’s unfortunate because this is the fourth reading of this bill and it could go up for a vote, and I don’t think we’ve had the time to digest this kind of amendment,” Cookie said.

Senate is expected to vote on the bill later this week.


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