Trumbull County leaders discuss what to do with hovercraft

WARREN, Ohio (WYTV) – Trumbull County leaders are hovering over a barrier when it comes to keeping their hovercraft.

For the last year, it’s been sitting in a garage at the county’s Emergency Management Agency (EMA) building.

The problem they have now is finding money to get people properly trained on how to operate it and the costs associated with maintaining it.

Commissioners received grants totaling about $47,000 from the Department of Homeland Security to obtain the rescue tool a few years ago. Since they bought it, it’s only been used twice in rescue situations.

“Now that we have it, I’m not in favor of giving it away. We did use it twice, so if we saved someone’s life or two people’s lives it was worth it and we don’t know who we’re gonna save in the future,” said Commissioner Frank Fuda.

The EMA director and county leaders will meet with all the county’s fire chiefs next Wednesday to talk about some of their options moving forward with the hovercraft.

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