New plant manager for GM Lordstown

Both managers are staying in Lordstown for the time being, working on the model changeover

Rick Demuynck has been named plant manager of GM Lordstown.

LORDSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – A change has been made to leadership at the General Motors Lordstown Complex.

In addition to the changeover to a new model of the popular Chevrolet Cruze, the factory also has a new chief.

Rick Demuynck has been named plant manager.

Previously, Demuynck was plant manager at a General Motors Grand Rapids, Michigan manufacturing plant and was appointed to that position on July 1, 2013.

He was an assistant plant manager at the GM Lordstown Complex from 2009 until his appointment at the Michigan plant, helping to launch the first Cruze vehicle in 2010. He has also worked at plants in Detroit, Michigan and South Africa, where he was responsible for multiple vehicle manufacturing operations and exporting to the African and Middle East regions.

Demuynck replaces Steve Notar Donato, who is headed to the GM River Assembly Plant in Lansing, Michigan.

Notar Donato remains in Lordstown for now, assisting with the changeover.

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