Dumped tires rolling problem in Youngstown

Dozens of tires were found illegally dumped in Youngstown, Ohio.

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Tire dumping remains a big issue in Youngstown. The newest pile was found near Lincoln Park, and the problem continues across the city.

Raul Valentine found the pile at the corner of Rigby Street near the park. He and his neighbors work hard to keep the area clean and has had enough of the dumping.

“I think it’s very ugly. I think it’s bad for the city because kids play in the area where some of the tires are,” Valentine said.

The tires are stacked in piles of eight and stand six-feet high. Valentine counted 105 tires in the heap. He suspects it’s a business that’s doing the dumping and city officials agree.

Consumers pay a state fee when purchasing tires, which is supposed to cover the cost of recycling old ones. But instead of taking the tires to a recycle center, garages and tire dealers put that money in their pocket and dump the tires illegally.

Business are constantly notified about the dumping laws, but piles of tires keep showing up. Jennifer Jones with Green Youngstown said they pick up over 2,000 tires each month.

“It gets very expensive. We spend $25,000 to $30,000 a year just disposing of illegally dumped tires,” Jones said.

In December, the city collected over 500 tires on Hawn Street. It tries to clean them up quickly, so others don’t see an invitation to dump more. Normally, the dump area would go on a list and get cleaned up the next week, but Saturday is the city’s tire drive and there is extra staff on hand to get the tires cleaned within 24 hours.

It costs Youngstown about $2 per tire to recycle, so $200 will be spent on Rigby Street sight.

The tire recycling drive is scheduled for Saturday, May 14 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Covelli Centre.


  • The drive is for Mahoning County residents
  • The first 10 tires per vehicle are free. $2 passenger tires thereafter
  • No more than 10 tires per vehicle
  • Tires with rims accepted at no extra charge
  • Semi-truck and agricultural tires accepted with additional fee (fees vary depending on weight)
  • No commercial/business drop

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