Lieutenant Governor Mary Taylor recognizes students

LEAVITTSBURG, Ohio (WYTV) – Lieutenant Governor Mary Taylor was in Trumbull County Monday to recognize middle and high school students who are taking a stand against drugs.

Taylor said the first step in prevention is actually talking about substance abuse. She said many times people are ashamed to discuss how the problem has impacted their family, so it was Alexus Nubani’s story that caught Taylor’s attention when she shared it during an assembly.

Nubani is a senior at Labrae High School. In just a few weeks she’ll graduate. But the teen has seen a lot in her life, including drug abuse. Some of her siblings have been in and out of jail and she feels the impact of the problem.

“A lot of people just hear about it. Hear stories and they kind of brush it off. But when it really affects you and your family, you know how it feels,” Nubani said. “I hope they get emotional when hearing other people’s stories because that means they actually care about what’s going on.”

Nubani doesn’t want to become another drug use statistic and is committed to staying clean. Her story hit home with Taylor.

“It was powerful, and I am so proud of the work she has done to make sure her life stays on track and that she has a bright future,” Taylor said.

Taylor says more needs to be done to make sure medical providers are prescribing responsibly, and the conversation about drug abuse needs to continue.

“If you talk to a young person about not doing drugs in the first place, they are 50 percent less likely to start,” Taylor said.

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