Poland teen notices difference between school policy, state law

POLAND, Ohio (WYTV) – A Poland Seminary High School junior noticed a discrepancy between school policy and Ohio state law.

After having to pay to ride the bus to go on two end-of-the-year educational field trips, Jeffrey Vrabel Jr. addressed the Poland Board of Education Monday night at their meeting.

“They hold us to a certain standard, and I believe they should be held to one as well,” Vrabel said.

According to the Ohio Revised Code, no pupil charge shall be made for transporting pupils to and from educational field trips during school days.

“So I took it to my teachers, both of whom acknowledged and actually backed me at the time, one of which took it to the administration. She said that he told her you don’t want to pay for the trip, you don’t go,” Vrabel said.

After that, he said all school field trips were canceled, and that he became the target of severe bullying.

“After that I had students coming up to me saying things like, ‘Oh thanks for cancelling the trips,’ in a violent manner,” Vrabel said.

“At first I was angry at Jeff, but then I soon agreed with him and understood why he had done that. But for the board not to acknowledge that is absolutely ludicrous,” said freshman Olivia Morgan.

During the public comment section of the meeting, board members did not comment on Vrabel’s concerns.

“I do feel bad, if I would have known what the outcome would have been, no I probably wouldn’t have done this. I do feel bad but this was never the intention. I never wanted them to cancel every field trip, because that affects everyone,” Vrabel said.

WYTV spoke with Poland’s superintendent earlier Monday night on the phone and had planned to speak with him on camera about the claims, but he wasn’t at the meeting. Also, school board members refused to talk about the issue.


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