Community reacts to final 2 Youngstown Schools CEO candidates

One of the candidates is from Chicago and the other is from the Cincinnati area

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – As East High students and administrators hold commencement for the class of 2016, relatives and former Youngstown students aren’t quite sure what to think of the changes the new CEO will bring.

“When you think of CEO, you think of something large, you know, organization or so forth. So I’m just for the principal and the superintendent,” Rosabelle Thompson said.

Others worry the differences between running a business and running a school system will be blurred.

“I just hope the two don’t collide, I hope that the CEO is more focused on the children and their education,” Monique White said.

Last night, members of the district’s Academic Distress Commission narrowed their choices for CEO to a pair of educators. One is from Chicago and the other is from the Cincinnati area; neither are from Youngstown.

“We didn’t want to see people retained who have been part of a failing system and was gonna continue that,” said Jimma McWilson from the Youngstown NAACP.

Local NAACP leaders say they have been urging the Distress Commission members to come up with plans based on similar districts that have seen success.

“What we don’t want to see, and would object to, is experimentation on kids who have been experimented on for the last fifteen years. It has been a failed commission. We don’t want to see another failed commission,” McWilson said.

Although state records show Youngstown has one of the highest rates of spending for each of its students, local school leaders would like to offer their own input to the commission.

“We are elected officials and we do know our district. So if they really want it to move forward, I would like for that to happen,” said Youngstown School Board President Brenda Kimble.

The new CEO is expected to be chosen on Tuesday.

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