Dr. Shayesteh: The impact of One-Minute exercise

The number one reason people don't exercise is they say they don't have the time.

Dr. Shayesteh – The impact of One-Minute exercise

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – How long do you exercise? An hour? Two hours? How does one minute sound?

The number one reason people don’t exercise is they say they don’t have the time. One-minute exercise solves this problem.

Research shows that even doing physical activity, exercise, for just 60 seconds has a significant health benefit. This is a special type of training known as “High Intensity Interval Training,” or HIIT.

It doesn’t matter what exercise you’re doing; you can be walking on the track, riding a bike or spinning bike, on a treadmill or elliptical, as long as you are moving.

You do it by warming up for two minutes, then sprinting for 20 seconds going as fast as you can, followed by two minutes of recovery. After the recovery, you sprint another 20 seconds followed by two more minutes of recovery, then a final 20 seconds followed by a three minute cool-down.

Research shows that this causes a significant drop in insulin levels, correcting insulin resistance. That takes out the number one cause of weight gain, type 2 diabetes, abnormal cholesterol levels, among other benefits.

What other impactful health benefits does this entail? Is HIIT really that effective?

Dr. Shayesteh joined 33 WYTV Daybreak to explain how revolutionary one-minute exercise has been in the health and fitness world and the reasons you should give it a chance.

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