Katie’s Weight Loss Wednesday Blog: Update

Lost half of that in Fat

Hi everyone!

I just visited Dr. Shayesteh yesterday, and wanted to give you all an update on my progress.This is where I am now, compared to where I was on my first appointment with Dr. Shayesteh on February 1.

Percent Body Fat: Has dropped 10%

Fat Body Weight: Has dropped 20 Lbs

Lean Body Weight: Has increased 9.1 Lbs

Metabolic Rate: Has increased 126 calories a day

WOW! Seeing that number 20 is so shocking!

Since we ended our “on air” Weight Loss Wednesdays on March 23, this is how I’ve improved.

Percent Body Fat: Has dropped 3.4%

Fat Body Weight: Has dropped 7 Lbs

Lean Body Weight: Has increased 1.7 Lbs

Metabolic Rate: Has increased by 24 calories a day

Although our actual weight loss challenge officially ended on air just over 3 months ago, it’s still very much alive for me. It’s going slower, but it’s still coming off. No, I’m not working with a personal trainer anymore, but I’m still working out and walking. I started teaching my group fitness classes at Creekside Fitness last week, and I am absolutely loving it! It’s keeping me motivated to sculpt my body, and I love working with such a fun group of people. Plus I’m still in good hands, being guided by Maureen, who was my personal trainer during the challenge.

So what has all this taught me? It’s exactly what I’ve said in every blog. It’s slow, it’s a lifestyle, and it isn’t always easy. I used to see Dr. Shayesteh every week, so it was easy to turn away the chocolate or wine because I knew I’d be facing him and the scale in a few days. It pushed me to get the extra rep in when working out. Now, I see him every three weeks, and it’s easy to let that sneak up on you. This has been a lot of reminding myself that this is for me, not anyone else. Dr. Shayesteh really does care about my overall health, but he can’t make me commit, only I can do that.

I push myself with little changes, like HOW I order at a restaurant. My go-to meal is grilled salmon with lemon (no butter) and steamed or grilled veggies (no butter). It is a really good meal that tastes like a treat, but is actually fueling my body, rather than just weighing it down.

That five pound blob of fat that Dr. Shayesteh loves to hand to people…I’ve lost FOUR of those AND COUNTING! I’ll continue to update you guys as I keep on moving through this journey. Let me know what you’re doing to stick to your plan, and give me your favorite exercise moves too. Until next time, KEEP GOING!

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