Struthers mayor, city council disagree on raises for department heads

STRUTHERS, Ohio (WYTV) – Struthers Mayor Terry Stocker vetoed legislation regarding wage increases for city workers, which led to a heated disagreement in Caucus before the city council meeting Wednesday night.

Stocker said city council left him no choice but to veto the legislation based on what he called “unfair distribution of salary.”

According to Stocker, along with the 2016 operating budget, council got salary recommendations for wage increases for all department heads based on their performance. Council only passed the wage hike for one city worker.

Stocker vetoed that legislation last Friday, saying this move by council creates a conflicting message between the other city departments.

The street superintendent received a $5,200 increase in one lump sum, while the other six department heads received nothing.

Stocker says it is an injustice to those workers.

“I think a small increase would be warranted but council at this time doesn’t feel that way, and they never really gave me any rationale as to why…I believe all the performances I was able to observe by our department heads have been above par and that’s why I made that recommendation.”

He went on to say that this action by council could have major economic effects on the families of those involved by creating financial hardships and hindering future retirement benefits.

The next city council meeting is set for June 22, where council could decide to override the mayor’s veto.

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