Work wrapping up on eroding East Liverpool hillside

Steel "I" beams have been placed into the hillside, and concrete panels will be placed between them

"I" beams have been placed along Lisbon Street in East Liverpool, where erosion caused homes to begin sliding down the hill behind them.

EAST LIVERPOOL, Ohio (WYTV) – Just about three weeks into the project, construction crews have already made significant progress shoring up a hillside in East Liverpool that had been eroding.

The erosion of the area off Lisbon Street led to three homes being demolished. Those homes were in danger of sliding down the hill behind them.

Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) Area Engineer Alan Bequeath said after demolition crews removed the homes, workers then installed a series of steel “I” beams — each weighing about 4,000 pounds — into the hillside, which had been undermined by years of rain and snow.

The next step is to place preformed concrete panels between the beams, which Bequeath said are similar to sound-blocking walls built along highways.

“The panels are a little thicker, extra reinforcement, and the beams are a little bit bigger,” he said.

Bequeath said with rock and mudslides being fairly common in this region, engineers came up with the design a number of years ago.

“We have bedrocks between 20 and 30 feet, and these are a permanent fix and they just deal with all the problems,” he said.

Once the wall is firmly in place and the extra dirt and stone removed from the hillside, the roadway that had crumbled will be replaced. Bequeath said there will be little evidence that there was a problem in the location.

“Really, all you’re gonna see — pavement, curb, sidewalk and guardrail,” he said.

Workers say the project should be completed before the end of July.


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