Sherrod Brown comments on Clinton running mate speculation

Hillary Clinton's decision could have an impact on the Democratic party's efforts to take control of the Senate

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Senator Sherrod Brown does not think he’ll be Hillary Clinton’s running mate, even though his name has been thrown around as a potential candidate.

Clinton still hasn’t announced her pick for a running mate yet, but she will have to seriously weigh the potential impact her decision could have on her party’s efforts to take control of the Senate.

“If I were to be chosen and elected with Secretary Clinton, then the Republicans…would select the new senator and that doesn’t make a lot of sense to people,” Brown said. “I just don’t think she will, because I think that the Senate seat matters to national Democrats. To give up this Senate seat through an appointment process bothers a lot of people.”

Brown says there are other qualified vice presidential candidates, including Tim Kaine, Elizabeth Warren and Secretary Julian Castro.

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