Hometown Hero: Hubbard librarian helps students in need

MaryAnne Smiley is the Hubbard Elementary School's librarian, junior class adviser and adviser for Prep Bowl

Maryanne Smiley, a librarian at Hubbard Elementary School, was nominated as this week's Hometown Hero.

HUBBARD, Ohio (WYTV) – Imagine taking your work home with you multiple times per week not because you have to, but because you love the job. That’s a trait you’ll find in this week’s Hometown Hero, MaryAnn Smiley.

Smiley is the Hubbard Elementary School’s librarian, junior class adviser and adviser for Prep Bowl. Although it’s not part of her job description, she also tutors students every day of the week, at school and at her home.

“There’s some students that we’ll tutor on weekends. I try to really accommodation parents and families,” Smiley said.

But she takes it a step further, also tutoring students with special needs and helping them build life skills. One student, who falls on the autism spectrum, used to accompany Smiley and her family on “Sunday fundays.”

Smiley said she used the time to teach the student valuable social skills.

“It was teaching her how she was supposed to be when in public. Some social interactions she didn’t quite understand,” she said.

The girl’s mother nominated Smiley for the Hometown Hero award. She said of Smiley, “She is always willing to go above and beyond. My daughter would not be where she is today, nor would many other children, without the dedication and humanity of Mrs. Smiley.”

Smiley said helping those with special needs is “near and dear to [her] heart.”

This is, in part, because her son is also on the spectrum and she knows just how important social skills can be

“To be able to teach them that and for them to be able to participate in things that maybe they weren’t able to participate in before, it gives you a really good feeling,” she said.

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