Wick, Lincoln road projects will impact YSU traffic for 1 year

The improvements to two major campus roads will include resurfacing, new sidewalks, curbs and lighting, lane and parking configurations, and updated landscaping

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Two road projects around the Youngstown State campus will affect traffic in the area beginning this summer, through the next year.

The improvements to two major campus roads, Wick and Lincoln Avenues, will include resurfacing, new sidewalks, curbs and lighting, lane and parking configurations, and updated landscaping.

Lane restrictions and closures along Wick Avenue between Wood Street and McGuffey Road will begin in August and should take a year to complete.

Utility lines will be installed underground along Wick, running from Rayen Avenue to the Madison Avenue Expressway.

“Ohio Edison’s primary electric is going to be rerouted into primary duct banks. We’re going to replace the water line, the sanitary sewer, we’re going to put in some storm sewers,” said Charles Shasho with Youngstown Public Works. “Separate some of that clean water out of our combined system, which is always a plus.”

Once the utility work is finished, the road will be repaved as a three-lane boulevard. Drivers should expect the road to be closed completely for at least four months.

That project will cost about $4 million, with grants covering most of the cost. YSU collected private donations to chip in $800,000 of the cost.

“Not only is it going to be attractive but just as important, it’s going to be safer for motorists, as well as pedestrians,” said University Spokesperson Ron Cole.

Lincoln Avenue is also getting the same kind of treatment for $1.2 million, starting in July and running through December of this year. The street will be closed throughout the entire project.

Once the work is finished, there will be no more on-street parking for Lincoln Avenue, which doesn’t sit well with student Sara Wolfe.

“That’s going to be a royal pain,” she said. “Obviously, you see there is a bunch of people parked right here right now and if you are getting rid of that, where are they going to go?”

People will still have access to parking lots, the book store and the library while construction is going on.

“It’s an interesting road because there aren’t a lot of side streets that come into Wick Avenue…traffic will be detoured accordingly, probably Madison Avenue Expressway to Fifth Avenue,” Shasho said.

“There’s going to be inconvenience, without question, and we are asking people to be patient. We are asking for them to pay attention to the detours and we are asking them to take a little bit more time when they come to campus,” Cole said.

The parking deck on Wick Avenue will remain open throughout the project, but drivers are advised to use the Walnut Street entrance. The Lincoln parking deck will also stay open, but drivers will only be able to use the Fifth Avenue entrance.

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