Salem boasts lowest gas prices heading into July 4th weekend

As of Friday, the Salem Gas Stop on Prospect Street had everyone beat

The Salem Gas Stop on Prospect Street boasts the lowest price in the Valley heading into the Fourth of July weekend.

SALEM, Ohio (WYTV) – In Salem, gas is under $2 a gallon at multiple stations; the cheapest gas in the Valley right now.

With the Fourth of July weekend ahead, people will be smiling as they fill up their gas tanks.

“Doesn’t happen very often, usually they jack the prices up this time of year, but it’s pretty nice,” said Tim Hydrick, of Hanoverton.

Sheryl Summers, of Leetonia, is on a limited budget and enjoys the low prices.

“I can get where I want to go without having to worry about running out of gas,” she said.

To save as much money as possible, some people are driving around to compare prices. As of Friday, the Salem Gas Stop on Prospect Street had everyone beat.

“You can see it on the sign,” Matt Jones said. “How can you beat $1.96 a gallon? And he’s cutting the corporate cost.”

John Baker reopened the Gas Stop pumps in March. The two pumps and four hoses had been out of service for three years. The station pumps about 2,000 gallons of gas a month and will soon be adding a convenience store.

His approach as an independent dealer is different because he doesn’t have to set prices according to a corporation or big brand.

“What we’ve experienced a lot of times is the gas prices rise right before the weekend, and then they fall at the beginning of the week. We keep ours as flat as possible Fridays through Monday, so they just love that,” Baker said.

Drivers notice the competition on sign boards, and that’s by design.

“I like the little bit of competition because that way, this one here moves his down to almost meet the other competition’s,” said Liz Sweeley, of Salem.

Baker says he is always keeping an eye on all of the gas stations along Main Street in Salem.

“We’re always looking at the prices and I’m sure they’re always looking at our price, too.”

And while most stations require you to pay before pumping gas, at the Salem Gas Stop, it’s the opposite; pump first and then pay.

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